Iran FM holds extensive talks in New York


TEHRAN – Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian has held extensive meetings with several foreign officials and counterparts on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly. 

Amir Abdollahian met with the foreign ministers of Saudi Arabia, the Republic of Azerbaijan, Jordan, Mali, Nicaragua, and Djibouti. He also met with the UN Secretary-general Antonio Guterres and the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Maldives. 

During his New York trips, the Iranian foreign minister announced the resumption of Iran’s diplomatic relations with two countries – Djibouti and the Maldives. 

“Following a meeting on Friday, 22 September 2023, between H.E. Dr. Amir-Abdollahian, Foreign Minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and H.E. Mr. Ahmed Khaleel, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Maldives, on the sidelines of the 78th Session of the UN General Assembly, the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of Maldives, in alignment with the interests and aspirations of their peoples, reaffirmed their decision to restore diplomatic relations,” the Iranian foreign ministry said in a statement, adding, “The two Governments have agreed to further develop the friendly relations between the two countries on the basis of mutual respect for sovereignty, equality, mutual benefit, and peaceful coexistence.”

Also, Iran’s diplomatic relations with Djibouti were restored. “As we continue our diplomatic consultations in New York, I had an intimate meeting with Mr. Mahamoud Ali Youssouf, Foreign Minister of the brotherly country of Djibouti,” the Iranian foreign minister said, adding that Iran and Djibouti announced resumption of their diplomatic ties in an official statement.

Amir Abdollahian has met with his Saudi counterpart Faisal bin Farhan on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly summit in New York.

In the meeting, the two top diplomats discussed bilateral and regional issues of mutual interest between Tehran and Riyadh.

Amir Abdollahian and bin Farhan referred to the firm resolve of the two countries to enter a new phase in their relations and expressed pleasure with the reopening of their embassies in Tehran and Riyadh and the exchange of ambassadors by the two countries.

The Iranian foreign minister said based on an idea put forth during his meeting with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, Iran is ready to sign a comprehensive partnership agreement with the kingdom.

The top Iranian diplomat spoke about Iran’s proposal to form a forum for dialog and cooperation between the 8 northern and southern countries of the Persian Gulf.

The Saudi foreign minister for his part described as satisfactory, the pace of progress in bilateral affairs since Iran and Saudi Arabia announced their rapprochement.

Amir Abdollahian also met with his Azerbaijani counterpart, Jeyhun Bayramov. In the meeting, some bilateral issues of mutual interests as well as developments in the Karabakh region were discussed. countries in difference areas, expressing hope that, in order to complete this trend, the Azerbaijan Republic’s ambassador and diplomats will soon return to the country’s embassy in Tehran and a new page will open in mutual relations.

Bayramov, for his part, expressed his country’s content with the recent meetings between different delegations from the two countries as well as the outcomes achieved. 

In his meeting with Guterres, Amir Abdollahian briefed the UN chief on many foreign policy issues including normalization of relations with neighboring countries, the prisoner swap with the U.S., cooperation with the UN nuclear watchdog, and the situation around the 2015 Iran nuclear deal. 

Amir Abdollahian said nuclear bombs have no place in Iran’s doctrine.

The Iranian foreign minister has also sat down with his counterpart from the Kingdom of Jordan Ayman Safadi. Amir Abdollahian touched upon the good meeting already held with the Jordanian king in the country where Safadi was also present, and highlighted the good cooperation between the two countries, expressing the Islamic Republic of Iran’s readiness to upgrade relations and boost cooperation between the two sides.

The Iranian foreign minister also met his Malian counterpart, Abdoulaye Diop. In the meeting, issues of mutual interests in the domain of bilateral ties were discussed. Amir Abdollahian referred to the good relations between the two countries on different fronts, saying the two sides can boost this cooperation in various areas of mutual interests, namely health and medical treatment.

“Agreements in the fields of science and technology, education, agriculture, health, and medical treatment are also being followed up,” he explained.

Diop, in turn, said he was pleased with the meeting, and expressed his gratitude for the considerable progress made in the Islamic Republic of Iran’s foreign relations.

As he moved forward with his meetings on the sidelines of the annual session of the United Nations General Assembly, Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian met, at his residence, with his Nicaraguan counterpart Denis Moncada.

In the meeting, Amirabdollahian touched upon the very good meeting between Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi and his Nicaraguan counterpart Daniel Ortega as well as the good agreements reached between the two countries on economic cooperation.

Amir Abdollahian also met, at his residence, with Geir Pedersen, the UN Secretary General’s Special Envoy for Syria. In the meeting, Amir Abdollahian touched upon the tough economic conditions of Syria and the impact of sanctions on Syrian people’s day-to-day life, saying economy and people’s livelihood, war on terror, uprooting the remnants of terrorists, sending humanitarian aid and the return of refugees are among issues which the UN is expected to help the Syrian government and people with.

culled from Tehran Times

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