Russia sends 40 metric tons of aid to quick-hit Afghanistan


KABUL – Russia has dispatched 40 metric tons of humanitarian aid to Afghanistan in response to the recent seismic upheaval in Herat, according to an announcement by the Russian Foreign Ministry. The Russian Defense Ministry orchestrated the delivery via two specialized flights aimed at aiding the affected population.

The Russian Foreign Ministry’s statement, released on their official website, highlighted the delivery of this substantial cargo to Kabul on November 11. This initiative was undertaken jointly by the Russian government and the Moscow-based Afghan Business Center, signifying Russia’s ongoing commitment to supporting the Afghan people in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake in Herat.

The seismic event, recorded as a 6.2 magnitude earthquake by the European-Mediterranean Seismological Center on October 7, significantly impacted the region. With its epicenter located 42 kilometers northwest of Herat city, home to over a quarter-million inhabitants, the earthquake resulted in tragic consequences. Over 2,400 fatalities and at least 2,000 injuries were reported by the Afghanistan National Disaster Management Authority.

Russia’s proactive response reflects their dedication to providing vital assistance to the affected populace, underscoring international efforts to aid those impacted by the natural disaster.

culled from Afghanistan Times

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