One of the wonders of  Dar Es Salaam,in Tanzania is Kunduchi ruins.A one day expedition on this historic site, provided me with more insight about how Swahili culture came into existence.
          The sources of Swahili culture include African culture,Arab culture,Persian culture, Indian culture, Portuguese culture, German  culture and British culture. It is the combination of all  these cultures that make up a single Swahili culture. 
                 Kunduchi ruins is an ancient settlement founded in 15th century.Those who  inhabitated  the area, then included Arabs,Indians, Persians, and Africans.
       We saw the ancient tombs that were excavated . For example, the tomb of some members of Alhatimi family who were Persians. We also saw the tomb of Maarim-Hatal who was a Pakistani ,Albarawi (African) ,tombs of  Omani Arabs and Indians.
            All these tombs were built with coral rag, and they have unique architectural designs. For example, the tomb of the sultans have pillars and steps. They have carvings and Arabic inscription. The tomb of the Imam is designed like a mosque; while the Indian tombs are highly decorated.
         Our guide also told us that  in those days, when a Sultan died,he was buried with a live virgin girl . But the practice was stopped later 
             I also saw an old mosque which was built in the 15th Century.
       The fact that one of the pillared tombs, is decorated with Chinese porcelain bowls,indicates an existence of  trade relationship between the area and China.
      My visit to Kunduchi ruins made to understand how different cultures from across the globe merged together to  become one culture.

Comrade Bishir Dauda Sabuwar Unguwa Katsina.

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