China envoy: We are at prime time for Tehran-Beijing co-op


TEHRAN – Iran and China are at the perfect time to expand cooperation, says China’s envoy to Tehran.

During a meeting with the governor of West Azarbaijan province on the sidelines of the Asian Men's Volleyball Championship in Urmia on Saturday, Chang Hua hoped that the presidents of the two countries can guide their states to strengthen ties at both national and provincial levels.
“Currently, there are good collaborations between the two countries in various fields, and we hope to see its expansion day by day,” said the envoy, IRNA reported.

“There are also many opportunities for China to cooperate with West Azarbaijan province as we can use various capacities of the area. We can cooperate to boost international trade with Europe, work with various mines and also share valuable experiences about environmental issues.”

Ambassador Chang added that Iran served as a transit route between Iran and China in old times, therefore the capacities of Iran, especially West Azarbaijan, can be used in this regard. The province can also help with the construction of the Silk Road.

The ambassador also commented on the number of Chinese tourists who visit Iran monthly, saying the number of these people can see a significant growth. 

The governor of West Azarbaijan, for his part, touched on the significant capacities of the province in various fields.

“This province can play a significant role in international trade as it is considered to be Iran’s gateway to Europe,” Mohammad Sadegh Motamedian said. 

Motamedian added that one of the most important strengths of West Azarbaijan is its railway route that connects Iran to Europe via Turkey, which can be used to transport goods from East Asia to Europe. 

“We can also use the Chabahar-Maku corridor to transport goods from China to Europe, which will reduce costs and transportation time”.

Motamedian also underlined the agricultural, tourism and mine capacities of West Azarbaijan which he believed can further help boost relations with China.


culled from Tehran Times

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