Dear Mr President, 

Your Excellency Sir, i choose to use this social media platform to convey to you this message as it's NOT going to be easier to reach you with the message via normal protocol.

2. As a true patroitic Nigerian and also your staunch political supporter, I urge you to urgently and graciously open National Coffers on grounds of rescuing majority Nigerians from hunger, starvation, crimes and backwardness of the nation.

3. Furthermore, majority Nigerians are currently living in penury as a result of serious inflations, proud, corruption, non compliance of some favourable monitary policies, favourism and unpatriotism by bad eggs in the country. This situation is becoming increasingly apparent as confirmed by both domestic and international statistical bodies. Mr President Sir, I refer you to the following organisations' reports:
I. NBS Q4 2023
II. CPI   Q4  2023
III. World Poverty Clock Q4 2023
IV. UN Poverty Index 2023
V. World Bank 2023

4. Consequently Your Excellency Sir,  we don't want to see in Nigeria what happened to India from 1981 to 1985(e.g rampant death along streets, at home and worshiping places as a result of hunger and starvation).

5. Moreover,  Your Excellency Sir, you are kindly advised to open a semi micro finance centres in all the 174,000+ polling units across the country to give a soft loan of altleast 100k to 250k to any interested applicant within his/ her polling unit and with just 2% processing fee as well as zero interest rate and payable in 1 or 2 years with 6 month moratorium period. 

6.Your Excellency Sir, you are also kindly advised on the formation of federal task force on foodstuff prices who are to hand in hand with the National economic team for reliefs in favour of less privileged Nigerians. 

7.In addition,  Mr President Sir. You may wish to employ the services of some tested and trusted people for this exercise and for the judicial distribution of the said wealth to illegible Nigerians and this is to avoid lust and self centeredness in the exercise.

8. My personal best regards and obedience to you Sir.


Comrade Kabir Ahmad Rimi 
Social Commentator 
Public Affairs Analyst 
Youth Talent Promoter
State Coordinator,
One To One Campaign Movement For Tinubu and Dikko 2023 - 2027

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