Once again, the country has been thrown into wanton darkness by those who are supposed to provide light. 
We at the African Action Congress (AAC) have received with dismay the unfortunate incident where the Nigerian Army dropped bombs on innocent villagers in Igabi LGA, Kaduna State which has led to the death of about 85 people with many others severely injured. 

It is beyond human imagination that the Army will kill fellow citizens in such large number on a pretext of 'mistake,' this doesn't happen in sane countries. 

This “mistake” as a result of poor intelligence gathering, lack of tact and strategy remains condemned and those involved must be fished out and punished, as this is not the first time fatal “errors” like this are committed. This is an act of terrorism against the Nigerian people. 

We also want to state that this action of the Nigeria Army shows the failure and unpreparedness of the APC government to govern this country. More disgusting is the fact that the Federal Government has not taken  immediate cushioning steps as the supposed Commander-in-Chief is in far-away Dubai with a huge entourage, all at the expense of the country's decaying economy. 

It is also important that we seize this unfortunate situation to introspect as a people and a government. 
The years of neglecting the masses is coming back to haunt us. Had the rulers of Nigeria provided good governance, good hospitals, quality education, adequate food security, there won’t be any need for bombs, let alone throwing bombs on the innocent civilians. 

We strongly condemn this unfortunate incident and call for prompt action. 

Days of National mourning (to show the slightest sympathy) should be declared as well as an independent investigation into the incident. The families of the victims should be paid full compensation as stipulated by the Terrorism Prevention and Prohibiton Act. 
Those injured must be given the best treatment immediately. 

The Nigerian people also deserve an apology and the assurance from the Nigerian Defence Headquarters that this will not happen again. 

Haruna Garba Magashi Esq.
Vice Presidential Candidate, 
African Action Congress 

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