Lawmaker Seeks Regulation Of NGOs In Katsina


A lawmaker representing Charanchi local government area at the Katsina State House of Assembly, Hon. Lawal Isah Kuraye, has proposed a motion to regulate the proliferation of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in the state.

The motion which he presented to the floor of the house as a matter of concern for the need to curb the proliferation of NGOs and development agenda groups in the state, seeking the establishment of a mechanism that would control its operations.

He added that doing so will protect the interests of the State and its people, especially in safeguarding the security, integrity and development of the state.

Hon Kuraye said, “The regulatory body shall define clear and transparent criteria for NGOs’ registration within Katsina State, ensuring that no NGO operates without proper registration and approval from the state agency.

“Penalties shall be defined for communities, associations, and their leaders who associate with any NGO without valid registration and approval from the government.

“The regulatory body shall periodically review the activities and impact of registered NGOs to ensure compliance with their stated objectives and alignment with the state’s development goals.”

He urged the government to take immediate action to establish the regulatory framework for NGOs operating within the state, setting clear criteria for registration and defining penalties for non-compliance.

Culled from Leadership Newspapers 

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