Celebrating Unity and Empowering Youth: The Prophet's (S) Birthday in Katsina


Zaharaddeen Ishaq Abubakar 

Katsina, 28,10,2023e– The dynamic youth of the Islamic movement, guided by the esteemed leadership of Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky (H) from Katsina and its surrounding regions, have come together to organize a resplendent celebration in honor of the Prophet's (S) birthday.

In a remarkable display of unity, these dedicated young brothers successfully brought together former students of Fudiyyah, Youth Forum, and current students to orchestrate an event of great significance – the Prophet's (S) birthday celebration in Katsina Town. This Birthday event attracted a diverse gathering of young individuals from across the globe, fostering a sense of unity as they extended mutual felicitations on the birth of the Supreme Being.

The distinguished chief guest speaker at the Birthday event, Shaikh Yaqoub Yahya, delivered an insightful address highlighting the profound significance of youth and their pivotal role in the realm of religion.

Sheikh Yaqoub emphasized the paramount importance for young people to grasp the authenticity of the Prophet's message and actively put it into practice. He articulated that when a young individual comprehends the true essence of the Prophet's message and lives by it, they become the embodiment of values that are essential to both Religion and Community.

Sheikh Yaqoub noted, possess an invaluable opportunity to labor and deliver God's message within the community, irrespective of the prevailing circumstances. Thus, it is the youth who are uniquely positioned to seek spiritual fulfillment in this world by earnestly following God's teachings and His laws.

Furthermore, Sheikh Yaqoub underscored the fact that youth are the backbone of any society and directed his discourse towards their pivotal role and contributions. He urged them to channel their efforts towards the pursuit of religious and modern education, thus promoting their active engagement in these areas, thereby fortifying the spiritual and intellectual fabric of the community.

The event not only celebrated the Prophet's birthday but also served as a platform to empower the youth with a deeper understanding of their responsibilities and opportunities in both religious and modern contexts.

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