In all the historic sites I have visited in Tanzania; what I repeatedly saw was a huge baobab tree.
       In African ancient beliefs, baobab tree was associated with spirits.In those days people made their sacrifices at baobab tree. Surprisingly,up to now there are people who hold this ancient belief- that baobab tree holds supernatural power.  For example,at Kaole ruins in Bagamoyo, Tanzania,I saw a huge baobab tree .According to my guide, it has been there for the past three hundred years . He explained that even in  these days, people come to seek spiritual succour including,long live, prosperity, health, power,etc. I saw several nails and sticks hammered on the back of the tree by  visitors ,who were on spiritual mission .
Also, I saw the same thing in the village home museum, and Kunduchi ruins.
In Kunduchi ruins; the guide told us that people ask the tree to give them long life. 
     Another ancient practice I saw in those ruins was  worship of tombs or rather seeking spiritual help from tombs of saints or prominent personalities. For example, in Kaole ruins, there is a tomb of   European couple who died on the Indian Ocean. People visit this tomb when they are in a relationship to get blessing to be protected from evils.
       Also, in Kunduchi ruins, the guide told us that people go there to seek blessings from saints buried there.
      There is a well in Kaole ruins which people believe that its water cures.

Comrade Bishir Dauda Sabuwar Unguwa Katsina

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