$66,600 peregrine falcon snatches record at Riyadh auction


  • Another shaheen, this one from Al-Lith city in the Makkah region, sold for SR135,000

Riyadh: A peregrine falcon from Al-Awiqila in the Kingdom’s Northern Borders region has stolen the show at the fourth Saudi Falcons Club auction, fetching a record sale price of SR250,000 ($66,600).

 Bidding for the hunting bird, known as a shaheen, began at SR60,000, but quickly climbed until it reached the final figure — the highest for a falcon sold at a Saudi auction.

 Another shaheen, this one from Al-Lith city in the Makkah region, sold for SR135,000.

 The auction was launched at the club’s Malham headquarters near Riyadh on Oct. 1 and will continue until Nov. 15.

 The event aims to promote the Kingdom’s falconry heritage, and support related cultural, civilizational and economic activities, organizers said, while offering opportunities to invest in a field that helps support the development of the national economy.

 During the auction, the club outlines investment in falconry in Saudi Arabia and the development of the sector, including regulations governing the buying and selling of birds.

 The Saudi Falcons Club offers accommodations and transportation for falcon owners, while the auction is broadcast live on television channels and the club’s social media platforms.

 During the club’s first auction, in 2020, 102 falcons were sold over 20 days, with total sales exceeding SR10 million. At the second auction, 95 falcons were sold for a total of SR8.3 million, and during the third, 81 birds sold for more than SR7 million.

 The fifth International Saudi Falcons and Hunting Exhibition, which is also taking place in Malham, has attracted large numbers of visitors with a wide range of offerings, including jewelry displays at the accessories pavilion. The exhibition runs from 4 p.m. to 11 p.m. until Oct. 14.

 In addition to falconry, poetry and virtual hunting expeditions are among 18 activities showcased at the event. A traditional knitting pavilion featuring heritage textiles, accessories and handicrafts is also proving popular.

 Saudi companies are showing the latest hunting weapons in a range of calibers, representing more than 75 international brands, at the exhibition.

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