Israel’s war crimes make people's blood boil


TEHRAN - Palestinians people in the West Bank went on a mass strike to show their protest against the Tuesday night bombardment of the al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza which is a concrete example of “crime against humanity”.

The al-Ahli Hospital tragedy happened due to Israel’s relentless bombardment of the coastal enclave of Gaza. 

The people held demonstrations to voice their sympathy and solidarity with fellow citizens in the blockaded Gaza Strip.

Israel’s insanity against people in Gaza has bewildered the world. In its bombardment of the al-Ahli Hospital, at least 500 civilians lost their lives. This tragedy will be remembered in history.

In Hebron and Jenin, dozens of Palestinians moved toward the Israeli regime’s military compounds to condemn the regime’s inhumane actions. 

In addition to Palestinians, people in other parts of the world, particularly Muslim states, poured onto the streets to show their hatred of Israeli war criminals. 

Iranians gathered in different cities to voice their unity and support for the oppressed Palestinians.

People in Jordan, Amman, marched toward the Israeli embassy in reaction to the war crimes of the occupation regime. Floods of people on the streets shouted: “Open the Borders”.

People in Turkey staged a rally to be the voice of the voiceless.

Thousands of Tunisian people protested against Israel’s war crimes by holding the flags of Palestine and marching in the streets.

German police force attacked the demonstrators who wanted to protest against the war crimes in the Gaza Strip. 

Thousands of people in Dallas protested against Tel Aviv’s mass killings in the Gaza Strip. 

Canada witnessed the anti-Israel demonstrations where people in Toronto protested the genocide in the Gaza Strip.

The Syrian government announced a 3-day public mourning in demonstration of sympathy with the bereaved families of Palestinian martyrs. 

The White House saw the gatherings of people who protested the alliance of the U.S. administration with the war criminals in Tel Aviv. 

People in Beirut gathered in front of the U.S. embassy and held the flags of Palestine in their hands to show their support for the oppressed Palestinians. 

The war crimes of Israel were condemned in Algeria as well. 

Qatari citizens also expressed solidarity with the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip by pouring into the streets. 

Kuwaiti freedom seekers also voiced their support for the Palestinians with the Palestinian flags in their hands. 

El-Tahrir Square in Egypt was another scene of the international condemnation of the Zionist regime’s war crimes in the Gaza Strip. 

The people of Maghreb (Morrocco) voiced their anger against the occupying regime as well.

“Gaza Is a Symbol of Honor,” shouted people on the main streets of Maghreb. 

People, by holding passionate demonstrations, strongly condemned the despicable acts of the Zionist regime in bombarding the hospital in Gaza and shouted "Gaza is a Code of Honor”. 

The demonstrations were a strong show of anger against the Israeli brutality. 

In Baghdad, Iraq, people marched toward the U.S. embassy, which they rightly think is backing Tel Aviv in its genocide against Gazans. 

The people of Yemen came to the streets at night in large numbers to condemn the terrible crimes of the Zionist regime’s army which is targeting residential buildings, schools, and hospitals.

Yemenis also condemned the U.S. for its blind support for Tel Aviv.

Egyptians marched toward the U.S. embassy in reaction to the air strike on the hospital in Gaza which left hundreds of innocent Palestinians martyred.

culled from Tehran Times

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