Russia urges inclusive Afghan government, deemphasizes Taliban recognition


KABUL – Moscow has stressed the importance of an inclusive government in Afghanistan, suggesting that the recognition of the Taliban government should not hinder the development of diplomatic relations. Russia’s special envoy for Afghanistan, Zamir Kabulov, outlined this stance during an exclusive interview with Anadolu news agency.

Kabulov emphasized that an inclusive government was vital for the country’s progress, clarifying that this didn’t mean Russia insisted on the inclusion of fugitive Afghan statesmen in the leadership. He argued that recognition was a crucial step for any nation seeking to foster normal relations with the global community.

He further expressed hope that significant changes in Afghan political life, including the establishment of an inclusive government and the resolution of human rights issues, could materialize within a shorter time frame than a quarter of a century. Kabulov cautioned that maintaining the current status quo for a full generation could be detrimental to Afghanistan.

While acknowledging differences with the Taliban on domestic policy, particularly regarding political inclusivity, Moscow applauded the group’s efforts in combatting international terrorist organizations such as Daesh/ISIS. Kabulov underscored the importance of inclusivity, not just in terms of ethnicity but in creating a traditional state. He indicated that Russia did not dictate to the Taliban who should be in the government but urged them to heed the international community’s call for inclusivity, which could pave the way for their recognition.

Russia, along with regional nations, has chosen to prioritize trade, economic, and diplomatic ties with Afghanistan to support the well-being of its people rather than linking relations to the recognition of the Taliban government. Kabulov also pointed out potential benefits for the Taliban, such as the removal of top officials from the UN Security Council’s sanctions list. This would facilitate the building of relations with other countries and the removal of administrative burdens associated with sanctions.

Kabulov highlighted the importance of Russia’s decision to maintain its ambassador in Afghanistan, citing the move as a matter of strategic importance for both Russia and its regional allies.

In summary, Russia underscores the need for an inclusive government in Afghanistan, de-emphasizing the immediate recognition of the Taliban government as a prerequisite for diplomatic relations, and promotes a focus on trade and economic ties to support Afghanistan’s stability.

culled from Afghanistan Times

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