Bandits Turn Schools Into Camps In Katsina


Security operatives are reportedly overwhelmed as bandits have turned schools into camps, escalating their activities in Katsina state.

According to a report by Vanguard, over 65 vulnerable towns, villages, and hamlets near Rugu forest have become hotspots for banditry, terrorism, and kidnappings. Kankara Local Government Area (LGA) is particularly affected, serving as a major haven for these criminal elements.

Bandits, known for their brutal attacks and kidnappings, have escalated their activities, targeted different communities and demanded significant sums of money as levies from locals.

Recent incidents have seen bandits abducting individuals and demanding enormous ransoms for their release.

In one case in Yarkuka community, an Imam was abducted, and a ransom of N1.5 million was demanded. Despite the community raising N1.2 million, the bandits killed the Imam and left him in the community square.

The situation has further deteriorated, with bandits establishing camps in primary schools, including those in Katoge, Tanimawa, Gonaki, and Pawa areas of Katsina.

The criminals operate with impunity, exploiting vulnerable communities and leaving residents in a constant state of fear.

Culled from New National Star 

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