Dikko Radda and the Development of Local Governments in Katsina State: Transparency and Accountability


By Mannir Shehu Wurma PhD, Exucative chairman, Kurfi local government 

@ Katsina Times 
Local governments in Nigeria hold a significant position in the country's political landscape. Their current status as the third tier of government evolved through various reforms, starting with the Dasuki report, extending to the Babangida era, and culminating in numerous constitutional conferences.

In practical terms, local governments serve as the backbone of a robust democratic experience in a diverse society like Nigeria. A leader with genuine concern for the well-being of the people cannot afford to overlook this vital tier directly associated with the welfare of the masses.

Demonstrating a commitment to the welfare of the common man, Dr. Dikko Umaru Radda, since the inception of his administration, has actively pursued comprehensive reforms in the local governments of Katsina. These efforts have resulted in enhanced transparency, accountability, and probity in the day-to-day activities of the local governments.

Remarkably, this selfless initiative has led to rapid transformations within the local governments of Katsina state. Gone are the days when these entities were deprived of funds for developmental projects. Presently, not only are funds readily available, but the local government chairmen have been unconditionally granted the freedom to foster development in their respective localities.

This positive change is not a mere imagination; local government councils in Katsina are now vibrant hubs of human activities. This stands in stark contrast to the past when local secretariats remained desolate, attended only by security personnel.

Undoubtedly, this approach of bringing government closer to the people aligns with the framers' vision of positioning local governments as the third tier of government. It has instilled a sense of belonging among the rural populace in Katsina state.

As a result, local government chairmen in Katsina are now executing various projects, including schools, clinics, hospitals, rural feeder roads, water supply systems, agricultural initiatives, irrigation farming, poverty alleviation programs, and addressing security challenges. Dikko Radda has liberated local government councils in Katsina state from the constraints that hindered their development.
Mannir wurma was a lecturer and now chairman kurfi local government Katsina state

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