NSA Assures Voters in Kogi, Bayelsa and Imo States; Warns Against Violence


Press Release 

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ABUJA, FCT, 10 NOVEMBER, 2023 - The National Security Adviser, Nuhu Ribadu, assures residents of Kogi, Bayelsa and Imo states of security preparedness during the off-cycle elections coming up tomorrow (Saturday).
He warns against violence by political actors and charges security agencies to adhere to professional code of ethics during the conduct of the exercise.
The NSA assures that in line with the directive of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu security agencies have made adequate preparations to ensure safe, secure and transparent elections on Saturday, 11 November, 2023.
The NSA, who is the Co-Chair of the Inter-Agency Consultative Committee on Election Security charged all security, intelligence and law enforcement officers deployed on election security duties to conduct themselves creditably.
The NSA further stated that the Federal Government has mobilized all the required resources for the smooth conduct of the elections and called on all election managers to adhere strictly to the instruction given by the President. Ribadu further warns that a monitoring system has been established with monitors deployed to the field to collect any evidence of violence and irregularities.
The NSA vows that there will be severe consequence for anyone who is found to have disrupted the conduct of elections or abused his authority.
He admonishes voters in the three states to come out en masse to exercise their franchise assuring them of adequate protection.
Zakari U. Mijinyawa
Head, Strategic Communication
Office of the National Security Adviser.

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