Terrifying Banditry in Faskari, Katsina State: Residents Held in Shackles of Fear


Muhammad Ahmad Ali 

In the Faskari local government of Katsina state, residents are grappling with a dire situation stemming from the persistent incursions of bandits, who have effectively subjected them to a state of servitude.

According to local inhabitants, the bandits have usurped public farmlands, compelling the townspeople to engage in agricultural labor, including planting and weeding, under their coercive authority.

Presently, the populace within the confines of Faskari local government area in Nigeria find themselves in a state of distress and consternation.

An anonymous resident of the region disclosed to the BBC that these marauding bandits act with impunity, infiltrating villages at their discretion. He lamented, "Currently, the prevailing sentiment within Kogo primary school is one of banditry entrenched within. They not only seize food when it is provided but also abduct young girls. Any vocal opposition is met with lethal consequences."

This informant expounded upon the locals' plight, asserting that their loyalty to the bandits stems from their lack of alternatives. He stated, "Initially, they co-opted individuals of financial influence into an agreement, and the fields earmarked for non-cultivation were forcibly cultivated. Every farming season, we toil under their command, relinquishing the harvest to them. We've been reduced to a state of bondage in this region, where any display of autonomy is met with punitive measures."

The bandits maintain control over various villages in the area, including Birnin Kogo, Yar-tsamiya, Kahi, Fankama, Hayin Dungu, and Gobirawa, continuing to inflict harm on the local populace.

Dr. Nasir Mu'azu, the commissioner of security and internal affairs of Katsina state, expressed the government's deep concern over this disconcerting situation. He disclosed, "Residents from such afflicted villages have sought refuge in camps, while many others, unable to endure the conditions, have returned to their hometowns, enduring the bandits' oppressive rule."

Dr. Nasir further emphasized that Governor Dikko Umar Radda of Katsina state is diligently working to address the plight of those compelled to migrate due to security concerns and to ensure the overall security of the state.

The Katsina state government has taken decisive measures to address the pervasive security challenges afflicting numerous towns and villages in the state. Most recently, it launched a civilian patrol initiative aimed at bolstering security measures.

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