"A country which lacks its own culture is no more than a collection of people without the spirit which makes them a nation."- Mwl Julius Kambarage Nyerere. (10th  December, 1962).
        I saw a portrait of the  first president of the united Republic of Tanzania,Muwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere with the foregoing quote hanging on the wall,in the reception of the National Museum of Tanzania.
         So far in my life I have visited a few museums, but this is the best of all the museums that I have ever visited. 
            I saw  priceless historical artefacts, relics  and  well-equipped arts gallery that depict the past and present of the  Tanzanian people.
       For example,I saw the Kilwa coins that was used in the 11th century. Kilwa Kisiwani  then ,was one of  the wealthiest  city states on the Indian Ocean. Also I saw a Maxim gun, Sultan's long rope(jellabiya and cap), the bed of second sultan of Zanzibar, Bargash b. Sa'id, spices, ivory,model of slaves carrying ivory,cars  such as Rolls Royce and Austin Morris used by the first president,a U.S. museum in commemoration of an attack on the  U.S. embassy in Tanzania in 1998, various currencies of Tanzania,etc

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