Hon. Sa'idu Danja Commends Governor Radda for Launching 'Community Watch Corps' to Tackle Insecurity in Katsina State


In a proactive move to address the escalating insecurity in Katsina State, the Senior Special Assistant on Banditry and Internally Displaced Persons to the Governor, Hon. Sa'idu Ibrahim Danja, lauded Governor Radda for his recent initiative. The Katsina state government has deployed a total of 1,466 security personnel, collectively referred to as the Community Watch Corps, aimed at combating various criminal activities, including terrorism and kidnapping, in a concerted effort to restore peace and security across the state.

Hon. Danja emphasized the critical role that the newly established security agency, the Community Watch Corps, will play in curbing the rising insecurity and addressing other forms of indiscipline prevailing in rural areas, which pose a significant threat to the overall security of the state.

Furthermore, he urged the communities in Katsina State to provide unwavering support to the Community Watch Corps by sharing any relevant information that could assist in the swift apprehension of criminals. He stressed the urgency of immediate action and collaboration between the security agency and local communities to effectively combat illegal activities.

Hon. Danja also underscored that the establishment of the Community Watch Corps is aligned with one of the principal objectives of the Katsina State Government, which is committed to taking all necessary measures to advance the state. The creation of this security agency highlights the government's unwavering dedication to prioritizing the safety and well-being of its citizens.

As Katsina State grapples with the challenges posed by insecurity, the introduction of the Community Watch Corps represents a significant step toward restoring peace and stability. Governor Radda's initiative serves as a testament to the government's commitment to addressing the concerns of its people and actively working to create a safer and more secure environment in Katsina State.

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