Alhaji Haruna Uji was born in Gandun sarki neighborhood in Hadejia town, in the year (1946). His father's name is Mallam Ibrahim. His mother's name, Zainabu. Here he got up and was smart. When he was about six years old, his father sent him to the Allo school at the door of their house, under a teacher called Mallam.

Alhaji Haruna Uji spent about three years in this school in Gandun Sarki, then they left with his teacher to the town of Birniwa which is east of Hadejia, 45 kilometers away. They spent about two years studying with other students, here Uji got good reading. After that, they left Birniwa and returned to Hadejia and continued their studies at Gandun Sarki. This is why he got better education than other children, especially those who stayed at home and did not go anywhere to seek knowledge. At this time, Mallam Alhaji used to make Uji take care of the children and teach them to read. Haruna Uji left Allo school at the age of twelve, after receiving a good education. 


His name is Haruna, he took the name of his father, Mallam Haruna. whose name is Uji has a wife named IYA KURA. When Uji was young, the wives of his father's younger brother used to play with him and called him Mijin Iya Kura, Mijin Iya Kura'. Hyena. Instead of the husband can dust. This is the origin of where Haruna Uji found Inkiya Uji. Since the name is associated with Iya Kura, it is no longer called Uji. 


 Haruna Uji is black, of medium height, has a medium body, white teeth and black hair, he often grows a mustache, he speaks (eyes) and he has a soft voice. , and is a Master of Ado, and great royal clothes. And he wears a little trash, especially when it's hot. Thursday Haruna Uji is a cheerful and gifted person, because his hand did not close his eyes. He has a sense of humor and is clearly not handicapped.


 After Haruna Uji left Allo school, he went to Daji with the intention of hunting. It was his first job, the one he started, and she made him brave enough to be fearless. And this is where he got a question that is the lack of self-control.

After hunting, Haruna Uji is a farmer, he started farming with his father's help, in order to earn a living. HIS PROFESSION Thu. Haruna Uji has a career as a car driver, who started as a car boy in his landlord's village called Jibrin Dan Amingo. Jibrin Dan Amingo is a native of Danbatta in Kano State. Haruna Uji has been working as a car boy for many years. Driving a car was his first job that took him out to a city with the intention of living. They work between Kano and Hadejia. And at this time they were living in the town of Kano in Tudun wada. But everything that grew up at home was brought to him, especially farming and festivals and so on. 

SANAAR WAKA did not inherit music, because his father was a teacher, and even in his song Gurmi, not Haramun, he says:- "I am Haruna, the son of Mallam, I do not inherit music." as a hobby, because no one taught him to sing as a profession. Haruna Uji first saw Gurmi in the village of a street worker who worked on the Mallam Madori road to Gumel, who was called Dan-mato, in Dan-mato Uji first saw Gurmi and his music, Dan-mato playing It was a rush when they got a break from work.

 He was waving and singing, when Uji was young, every time they went to watch work, they would stop and see the music of Gurmi Dan-mato, this Gurmi music entered the soul of Haruna Uji, when he came home, he would ask for cans and tsirkiya to mix Gurmi and sing.  Until Dan-mato put together the road work, he did not teach Uji Gurmi, but Uji would come and see how he was waving. This dish Uji has been imitating Dan-mato since he was not able to learn it. This is why when he is singing, the children stop and listen and look at him. This is the origin of Haruna Uji's teaching. Then he started to think of getting a stick, swing, Duma leather, Damo skin and a ring in order to make a big Gurmi. The first time Gurmi started, when he was given something, he did not accept it, because of the situation because of entertainment. And many times when he comes out for an interview or there is a party for boys and girls, he sings his song, boys and girls are watching. At that time he was in Gurmi and he was working on a car, this is why he started Gurmi in different towns in Northern Nigeria. Then Uji left driving and went back to Gurmi's music and asked for assistants to them both.

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